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gumshoe mysteries murder mysery

Murder Mystery Scripts

murder mystery dinner theatre with gumshoe mysteries

Murder In The Klondike

The society that celebrates all things connected to the Klondike has their annual re-enactment of gold rush days. Trouble is, their real lives start crossing over to the characters they’re playing and before you know it, everyone wants to stake a claim to the gold. Step inside Miss Daisy's Gold Rush Saloon and experience the shenanigans that occur when a prospector announces that he has found the biggest vein of gold ever seen. The sheriff will have a difficult time making sure everyone has good clean fun.
Optional dress theme - pioneer, gold rush.

murder is no jive murder mystery theatre with gumshoe mysteries

Murder Is No Jive

The setting is the local high school gym. It’s a 1950’s high school prom and the Principal is checking to make sure there is no alcohol at the event and if anyone is dancing they better be at least a football length apart. Everyone is anxious to find out who will be the king and queen. That is until tough guy Johnny Angel shows up to spoil the party. Characters include a rigid chaperone, the sweetest girl in school, and the quarterback who just can’t seem to make a pass. One thing’s certain, someone is not going to graduate alive!

Optional dress theme - 50’s prom.


murder goes to the highest bidder, murder mystery, gumshoe mysteries

Murder Goes To The Highest Bidder

The scene is a high scale international auction of rare antiques.

Most interest centres around a peculiar item with a cursed history. Characters include a seven times married woman looking for a number eight, an African anthropologist crazy about monkeys, and a Turkish mercenary who can’t find the right end of a sword. All the characters need a lot of money for one reason or another and alliances are formed and then broken until devilishly clever events reveal a  solution that will have you going once, twice, sold! 
Optional dress theme - international costume.

murder neve goes out of fashion, murder mystey dinner theatre with gumshoe mysteries

Murder Never Goes Out Of Fashion

The scene is a high class fashion show spotlighting the work of a famous designer who's new line is very much awaited. Characters include the models who are always posing and waiting for their next photo shoot, the trusted seamstress who does all the fine hand sewing, and the rather clumsy fashion reporter who does on the spot interviews with anyone connected to the fashion industry. In reality things are much different than they seam and soon things start coming apart on the runway.
Optional dress theme - your own unique fashion creation.

murder on the express, mystery dinner theatre with gumshoe mysteries

Murder On The Express

The year is 1929. The occasion is the opening of a new luxury train for the local railway. There is quite a festive mood of anticipation among the guests. Many dignitaries have turned out for the inaugural run, including the mayor and his daughter, local politicians as well as wealthy citizens that the train hopes will support this new express. There are people however not so intent on its success. Suddenly a disaster strikes that puts the maiden voyage in doubt. Get on board and try and piece together what seems to be an impossible crime. 

Optional dress theme - formal.

cruising for murder, murder mystery dinner theatre with gumshoe mysteries

Cruising For Murder

The setting is the inaugural voyage of a luxury cruise ship. The captain is a man who sometimes enjoys life just a little too much. Years before he was suspended for an incident but now he's back. The ship runs into choppy waters when the crew has other things on their mind than what’s on the ship’s itinerary. Characters include a tipsy captain who loves all things Irish, a nurse with a pill for every occasion, and a lounge singer who takes requests not to sing. Will the ship make it back to harbor before someone goes into the drink? 

Optional dress theme - tropical beach wear.

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